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Digital Detox Card Deck

56 Practices to Help You Detox,
De-Stress, Distract and Discover!

Now available, this therapy card deck features four key steps to mastering your own digital detox, and creating healthier boundaries with social media while prioritizing self-care!

Detox: Practices to help you dump your devices, simplify and soar!
De-stress: Learn to relax instead of letting social media and FOMO stress you out.
Distract: Instead of turning to your devices for comfort, practice new coping skills.
Discover: An amazing, meaningful world unfolds when you take your eyes off the screen!

Teen Workbooks

The Social Media Workbook for Teens

Skills to Help You Balance Screen Time, Manage Stress,
and Take Charge of Your Life

Social media has drastically changed how we communicate with one another. In many ways this is a good thing. For example, it’s easier than ever to stay connected to family and friends who live far away. But social media can also become addictive, stressful, and even alienating. If you’re like many teens, you probably check your smartphone several times throughout the day to stay up to date on the news from friends. But what happens when you’re so worried about missing the latest posts on your feed that you end up missing out on real life adventures and connections?

Grounded in evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), this unique and relatable workbook will help you manage the stress and anxiety that can result from excessive screen time. You’ll discover how to choose friends over followers, find tips for navigating cyberbullying, and discover new ways to get back in touch with your own life—without your smartphone or other devices.

Social media has an important place in your life—but it shouldn’t rule your life. It’s also important to remember that the “highlight reels” you see of your friends’ lives aren’t necessarily the “real” truth. If you’re ready to reduce social media stress, gain confidence in yourself, and become more engaged in the world around you, this workbook will show you how.

Reference Guides


The Smart Girl’s Guide
to Graduate School Success

Dr. Saedi provides the reader with an inside look into the exclusive country club known as academia. She does a magnificent job of outlining how to manage all of the demands of graduate school, providing strategies in each chapter, for how to maintain one’s sanity!

Claytie Davis III, Ph.D.Director of Training, Counseling & Psychological Services
University of California, Berkeley

Charming! Dr. Saedi’s knack for serving up practical advice with generous splash of quick wit makes for a deliciously functional read. I found myself wishing I had such a candid peak at the road ahead of me when I was pondering doctoral programs. As an educator of master s students, I was very appreciative of the Your Turn action plan guides at the end of each chapter, and I will be heartily recommending this book to my students who are contemplating pursuing a Ph.D. Thank you for keeping it real Dr. Saedi!

Abby Bjornsen, Ph.D.Assistant Professor
University of Nebraska-Omaha

With humor, honesty and her experience as a graduate student and a psychologist, Saedi guides the reader through this academic marathon called graduate school. She is tirelessly encouraging and positive without being naive about the realities of applying to and succeeding in graduate school and beyond. Readers will find their identity as intelligent women affirmed by this therapist and girlfriend’s confident mentorship.

Michael Lau, Ph.D.Assistant Professor, Teacher’s College
Columbia University

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