Payment Information


Free 15-minute phone consultation
$375 for initial 50-minute intake session (one-time only fee)
$300 per 45-minute session
*please note that letters, documentation, and additional report writing are billed at 15-minute increments per the rate information above


Cash, check and all major credit cards accepted for payment. We use Simple Practice billing software which enables auto payment and provides superbills for insurance reimbursement.

Financial Policy

Please note that payment is due at the end of each session. In order to discourage balances from accruing, follow-up appointments will not be scheduled until accounts are paid in full.

Insurance Information


While we do not participate in any insurance networks, we provide the paperwork you need to get reimbursement from your insurance company.

Additional Insurance Information

Please note that while Dr. Bocci used to be paneled with several insurance companies, she made the careful decision not to be a provider for any managed care programs for a number of reasons. Being a paneled provider would mean that she would be employed by the insurance company instead of working directly (and privately) for you. This leads to several major clinical benefits including greater confidentiality and insurance companies not dictating the course, nature, and length of treatment. Additionally, research has indicated how managed care negatively impacts treatment. Please click here to read more.

Practice Policies

Email Policy

While we welcome clients and families to reach out with questions and concerns, we do kindly request that more extensive inquires be addressed within sessions. Emails are considered a part of you or your child’s permanent record. Therefore, we highly encourage making use of parent and/or individual sessions where we can further discuss any questions or concerns that you may have. We thank you for your understanding of this policy.

Cancellation Policy

Once your appointment is scheduled, it is reserved for you. Therefore, we kindly request that you notify us 48 hours in advance of a cancellation. Appointments that are not cancelled in advance will require payment of the full cost of the session. You may cancel appointments at any time using the Simple Practice client portal.

Privacy Policy

View or download our Privacy Policy here.

Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Letter Policy

Please note that letters for emotional support animal evaluations are not provided at our practice. While letters are provided under extenuating circumstances for existing clients, it is not our policy to routinely recommend or promote the use of ESAs as a primary mode of treatment and coping. Thank you for your understanding of this policy.

Important Notices

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CA Notice to Consumers

View or download the CA notice to consumers here.

Good Faith

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